About Us

Wisdom Link Transport is a professionally managed Transportation company consisting of a highly-skilled team of seasoned transportation and hospitality professionals.

Wisdom welcomes each professional challenge and aspires to overcome any intricacies in the most memorable manner without ever compromising the overall mission of our clients. We are eager to build professional credentials and we are thoroughly committed to the long-term success of our clients.

In our mission to exceed expectations, we spare no resources with respect to workforce training and technology application. At Wisdom, we truly believe that comprehensive training in cooperation with a resilient foundation is the most essential attribute needed to achieve continuous development and service improvements, particularly for an organization endlessly aiming to offer incomparable service during the most inopportune occasions.

Wisdom specialty is providing a competitive and broad range of turnkey solutions that will support a company's desire to focus on the inner recesses as well as contract one entity to assume full responsibility of their service and hospitality needs externally. We work hard at fine tuning all your service needs and make every effort to eliminate additional costs, liability issues and time delays associated with peripheral service challenges.

Our Benefits

Reliable and Hassle Free Transportation

Wisdom understands that punctuality is essential for your organization and our professional and experienced Staff are trained to meet your expectation.

Total Quality Management

Our Company will fully manage your transportation needs and will also provide you with a single contact telephone number of the Fleet Manager assigned to your company in hopes of resolving all your concerns and grievances swiftly. Feel free to communicate your desires, and we will work to ensure that each request is addressed & implemented suitably

Trained & Professional Drivers

All drivers belong to Wisdom and are part of a trained and professional team who arrive in their Wisdom uniform while on duty. We can proudly and clearly state this as each of them has completed their professional training.

Fully Insured

All the vehicles, driver, passengers and the whole contract is fully covered under insurance, ensuring that your organization would get a professional & efficient transportation service while minimizing the risk.

Safe & Secure

Our divers have maintained an excellent safety record further enhancing the training program's capability to perform and achieve a no-accident rate.

Multinational Workforce

All our drivers can speak fluent English / Arabic. Our drivers are also trained to understand and respect the different customs of various societies.

24/7 Breakdown Service

Wisdom operates a 24/7 Breakdown Recovery and Replacement Scheme to make sure that your business is not interrupted.

Brand New Fleet

We will provide you with a brand new fleet. These vehicles are fully insured and licensed. The vehicles are totally managed by our experienced operation department staff to provide you with an efficient and worry free operation.

Wisdom Mass Transit Division specializes in

  • Staff Transportation.
  • Flight Crew Transportation.
  • Transportation of Manual Laborers.
  • Transportation to Schools and Learning Centers.
  • Airport transfer for Tourists and Delegates.
  • Bus Rental

Why Wisdom Link Transport

  • We pledge to provide the highest standard of transportation services.
  • Our consistency is what has added to our success and what makes our company more unique.
  • We actively take the initiative to meet your overall needs.
  • Professionally trained, well-groomed, uniformed driving team.
  • Insured coverage and able to offer client protection against exposure to liabilities.
  • Guaranteed service terms and price quotes in writing
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